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Videos 2011
The impossible Cello/Violin duet
Silver video
Why Chuck can't start a business:
Homemade luge track:
GM "repays" it's loan:
The inpenetrable border fence:
Dogs are awesome:
More stupid game show contestants:
Dog jacking!
Treasury Secretary with rare truth:
Counterfeit gold:
Practical joke:
Master manipulation:
Free hugs:
Federal budget freeze?
One handed pianist:
Tsunami video:
Silver mining explained:
Share the air:
Giant fake water jump:
Federal Reserve Fraud:
Yo yos:
Armless piano player:
Marriage proposal:
TSA patdown of little kid:
Worst rap battle ever:
Interest deluge coming:
Rube Goldberg video:
Government rules are always right:
Lifeguards making WAY too much money:  (and of course their paid by the government)
Surfing down a river:
Borrowing to get ahead?
Tallest building in the world:
Economic disaster?
Paper sculptures:
Ron Paul sticks it to Bernanke:
Government gone wild:
Another crazy guy..
Ron Paul again telling it like it is:
Silver manipulation:
3 new tenors...
Power of nature...
Blob jump:
America's Got Talent act: (illuminate)
Huge waves to surf:
DUI test..
LMFAO: (music video)
Gold backed by "nothing"
Dancing dog:
Incredible dancer..
Huge aquarium:
Most racist commerical ever???
Citizens targeted by police
Police provocateurs
Pumpkin carving
Mother of all hotwheel tracks
60 minutes story on congressional hijinks
Food stamps music video showing the sad status of this program:
Psychological study of couples:
Diet Coke and Mentos candies:
Former bank regulator telling it like it is:
Aaron Russo tells the origin of women's lib:
Judge Nepolitano, whatever happened to the constitution?
The best Granny ever?  (Powning Noobs)
Starlings before roosting:
Grandpa ruins Christmas for grandkids (profanity)
American debt made easy:
Christmas lights gone wild:
Homeless boy brings down the house on Korea's Got Talent: