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Videos 2010
Chronologically ordered you tubes from 2010.
Greenspan admits he was above the law.
Bernanke not answering questions, as usual.
Treasury Secretary Paulsen lying, as usual.
Crash course in fuzzy numbers.
Practical joke with a wooden spoon.
Man-made global warming is a scam!
Kid on Price is Right has the luckiest birthday ever.
Snowpocalypse!  Weather guy goes nuts!
Banking thieves exposed.
It's magic skydiving.
The national debt road trip (yes, we are screwed)
Abacus whizzes
Soccer dribbler extraordinaire
Unemployment, county by county.
Harry Reid telling people who lost their jobs, that it's "good."
Poker Hand that defies the odds.
A guy that is a little nuts.  (ok, a lot nuts)
Bill Murphy of GATA talking about Gold/Silver price Manipulation
A Scare Tactics classic with a "rat monster".
Waves freezing when they hit the air.
A guy kicks himself in the head, I kid you not.  Did I mention it was on TV?
A congressman that defies all known laws of common sense:
A guy we should all learn from when it comes to perseverance:
A video of a two handed artist..

SEC chairman demonstrating her incompetence (or is she "Captured")
Giant redwood trees, awesome:
Death of the Dollar explained
Incredible dancer
10 crazy jumps
Albuquerque balloon fiesta time
Dark pools explained
Funny skit with magic
Freehand circle championship????
Incredible ant colony excavaction
I didn't know remote controlled planes could do that:
Not a guy you'd want to work with:
This is who is voting???
The energy star program is a fraud
Lots of firecrackers
Nancy Pelosi is really not too bright
Arizona governor tells Obama what she thinks of his sign
Prank on a telemarketer
This guy talks about the plunge protection team
Lucky, lucky, lucky
Dubai dancing fountains
Unique group talent
Slooooooooowwwwww moooooootttttion
Glenn Beck runs down the New Deal
Dolphin stampede!
Huge tide
Criminal Jim Cramer explains how his friends commit crimes
Young English guys doing crazy stunts around the city
Child prodigy opera singer
Crazy white water kayakers go over Alexandria Falls
Natural pool at the top of a water fall
Video on Silver
Volcano footage
Rube Goldberg Honda commercial
Largest snake ever  (turn up the sound because it's hard to hear)
Amazing halloween costume
Girl kills a pop a shot basketball game
Dr. explains Obama care underbelly
TSA nonsense
Obama budget cuts in a visualization
Christmas carolers flash mob
Christmas tree rocket
Hitler parody with Jamie Dimon (warning, adult content)