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Videos from 2009
Naked Short Selling Part 1.
Naked Short Selling Part 2.
Jim Cramer confessing his crimes.
Scare Tactics:  Big Foot prank.
9th amendment explained.
10th amendment explained.
Keynes and fascism.
1948 film about the constitution.
The lie of Keynesian stimulus.
Man trying to sell real gold.  It's a tough sell.
High frequency trading explained.  ('s theft)



Obama, with one of his many unkept promises.
Fractional Reserve Currencies explained
IRS Commissioner saying Supreme Court rulings don't apply to IRS.
Secretary of Defense Rumsfield explaining how we uh.....lost.... over 2 trillion dollars.
Volvo being destroyed to "save" the environment and create jobs.  Sheesh.....
Don't talk to the police...ever.
 Does the Fed manipulate the stock market?  Of course it does......
Monetary collapse.
A trillion, a very bigger number.
Debt explained.
Representative Conyers ridiculing actually "reading" a bill before voting on it.
Federal Reserve inspector answers questions that PROVE she isn't doing her job.
Fake skunk joke.
Poverty in Zimbabwe,gold as barter
$1.2 Trillion Slush Fund