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September 6, 2008

Issue 4  -  Notes

Tieing into my last post, if you are interested in buying or selling your house I would check out this Northern Virginia Housing blog. If you look at the second column on the page, you will see house listings in the area and how much the listing price is below the peak sale price.  Currently there is a house in Woodbridge that is down over 76%!

The main area of the blog has regular posts that cover interest rates, government actions and housing news.  The daily "bits bucket" is recommended as local residents post observations about houses, communities, sales, foreclosures, and assessments.  These observations could aid greatly when looking to sell or buy.

As an aside, I will now be posting more general articles in the "where to start" section and leave this area for a running commentary on current events and conditions.  I will be putting a notice here when a new article is added.