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September 3, 2008

Issue 2  -  Democracy?

Do you live in a democracy?  Would you want to if you didn’t?  After all, we’re fighting for democracy in Iraq.  I hear politicians continually talking about the virtues and idealism of democracy and making sure “every vote counts”.  Now in reality, these fine elected officials (sic) don’t know what they are talking about.

Part of the reason is that we are not taught explicitly what type of system we are governed by.  Do you know?  Most people don’t.  We live in a representative republic.  Do you know the difference between that and a democracy?  I have yet to find someone who could succinctly tell me and that is directly related to the daily discourse we hear on television. 

The key difference between a republic and democracy is property rights.  In a republic, one man and the law, trumps everyone.  In a republic, just because a bunch of us get together and decided we liked your land, that doesn’t mean we can “vote” to see if you have to sell it to us.

In reality the founders despised democracies.  They knew that a democracy is nothing more than mob rule. There is an old joke that a democracy is a lamb and two wolves voting on what’s for dinner and that sounds about right to me. 

This is why I am so worried about the gradual loss of property rights in this country.  If property rights disappear, than all that remains is a pure democracy.  Recently the Supreme Court ruled that eminent domain could be used to force someone to sell their land for the greater “good” of society.  That’s a bunch of crap.  That’s a democracy not a republic. 

That’s having to ask permission to build a shed or deck on your own property.  That’s having to get permission to drive on a public road.  That’s taking your tax dollars and, without your permission, sending it to someone else.  Now I feel bad for anyone who is in the path of destruction from an earthquake or hurricane, whatever.  But that doesn’t mean that the government has the right to take my money and give it to someone else.  That’s stealing.  If you do that, you go to jail.  If congress does it, that’s for the good of society.

As this country strays farther and farther from the original intent, it becomes more and more likely that we won’t have any property rights.  Then we will be left with a nanny state.  Over half of all Americans now receive some check from the government.  We have crossed the bridge to serfdom where everyone sits and around and waits for the government to do something.

I listened with disbelief as Michael Chertoff, Homeland Security Czar, said that the reason there were so few deaths in New Orleans from hurricane Gustav was because the government took action.  Boy, I thought it was because Gustav weakened and missed New Orleans.  Stupid me.  We are being slowly conditioned to rely more and more on the government and that is a very dangerous thing.

How does this tie into finances and money?  Well, you can have all the money in the world, but if the majority can “vote” to take it, then it doesn’t matter.

Hypothetical situation:  You walk down the street and see a dead man in an alley.  Sticking out of his pant’s pocket is a hundred dollar bill.  Looking around to see if anyone’s around, you then take the bill and you’re on your way.  Moral?  Ok?  Of course not, as the money is not yours.  You have no right to it because you don’t own it.  What’s the difference between that scenario and an inheritance tax?  In reality nothing.  The only real difference is the power of the state.  But power doesn’t make it right or moral.  The government or anyone for that matter has NO right to take something from someone because they just happened to die, that’s ludicrous.

Remember, without property rights, you and I are just cogs in the machine to be used as the powers that be see fit.  Think about that the next time a politician sings the praises of democracy.