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September 28, 2008
Issue 9  -  One for the Good Guys           

Well that was interesting.  A bail out that didn’t happen when almost everyone, including me, thought it would go through.  It seems that politicians were just receiving too many calls.  My representative actually voted for the nonsense.  No more votes for Tom Davis from me.

Although it seems like a relief it didn’t pass, the elite have not given up and there will be a second push.  Bush, Clinton, and others are already out there proclaiming the end of the world.  It’s not.  These guys, as I have said before, are either ignorant or lying.  Neither of these conditions bodes well for the country. 

If you watched the close of the market after the no vote you saw an AMAZING thing.  Typically the final result for stocks is locked in by about 4:03.  Yesterday the Dow was at about -590 at 4:00 and then it went down, down, down.  The updates went until 4:15.  The final tally was -777.  How could the market keep going down for so long AFTER the close?  While possible, in this case I firmly believe the number was engineered for maximum headline impact.

Cynical?  Yes, but that comes from watching these guys operate over the last 7 years.  They will literally stop at nothing when it comes to rigging markets.  They will do anything to protect their keepers.  News is controlled, edited, censored and massaged to produce the desired effect.

The talking heads were all wringing their hands and expressing outrage that congress failed to save the system!  Not one person in a position of power has given ONE concrete specific outcome to not passing this bail-out that will affect you or me.  Just dark and ominous overtones of credit freezes, systemic breakdowns and a vague prediction of collapse to stir of the emotions of the public.  The problem for the bad guys is that the possible bad outcomes are primarily for the banks, not for us. 

So keep your powder dry and index fingers ready for the next onslaught.  It is coming and it will be packaged and sold as a much better answer and that time is short.  Don’t believe them.  They are lying.  They do it very well and with convincing voices and expressions but they are lying none the less.  Don’t fall for it.