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September 20, 2008
Issue 6  -  It's All Over  
The long awaited end to King Dollar is here.  Although it won't be clear for some time now, the writing is on the wall and we will all have to make significant changes to our lives in the future.  After a little further contemplation on the proposed bail-out, it is becoming clearer and clearer that things are MUCH worse than is being reported.  I fully expect a hyper-inflationary depression to ensue in the near future.

What does that mean to you?  A drop in standard of living (hopefully lessened by your ownership of gold and silver, you are/have bought some haven't you?) which will leave most Americans as cogs in the machine, working for the system.  Prices will skyrocket and wages will continue to lag the increase.  Eventually an equilibrium will be reached when the dollar can stop falling and the rebuilding can begin.  Unfortunately at a much lower standard of living.  There is no way to avoid this for the country.  You must protect yourself and your family and I believe the time is running short, perhaps only the few weeks before the election, to take the REQUIRED actions.  This isn't a maybe or a worst case scenario.  I believe this is the most likely scenario.

I know what some of you reading this are thinking.  We might be able to pull it out, we are the greatest nation on the face of the planet.  The truth of the matter is that our status as greatest is now in the past.  We were the greatest nation.  Don't believe me?  Look at this chart:

What you see is the total debt of this country as a percentage of the total output of the United States.  Notice the huge rise in debt.  You can't charge yourself to prosperity!  We are leveraged to the hilt.  There is no back up plan.  We are bankrupt.  As if this isn't bad enough the chart doesn't even include the government debt!  As a side note the last time this percentage was anywhere near this high was 1929.

The current position of the dollar as the reserve currency will end and a new system will be put into place.  The Chinese, for one, will demand this with threats of dollars sales and with over a trillion of them, lack of response to their threat will prove disastrous.  We are really a paper tiger  without our reserve currency status.  Our standing in the world is being mocked now and can only decline.  I wish it weren't so, but wishes aren't reality and reality has to assert itself.  Got Gold?  I hope and pray you do.