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Recommended Books

Basic Books

1.  Total Money Makeover   

By Dave Ramsay

        This is the ultimate get out of debt book and a best seller.  This is the first place to start if you have a lot of debt.  Ramsey takes the reader through a step-by-step plan to start fresh.

2.  Richest Man in Babylon  

By George Clason

        This is a classic text about the virtues of thrift and saving.

3.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad     

By Robert Kiyosaki

        This multimillion seller is the all time best case evidence that working for yourself is the best course toward riches.

4.  Rational Investing in Irrational times    

By Larry Swedroe

        A basic book on investing fundamentals and many of the pitfalls most investors fall into.

5.  Discovering the Wealth within You   

By Rick Edelman

         This book is a true guide to personal growth and enrichment with an inspiring message of planning for dreams.

6.  Random Walk Down Wall Street    

By Burton Malkiel

        This market classic is the bible for index investing.

7.  Stocks for the Long Run 

By Jeremy Siegel

        All time classic which is the definitive case for stock investing.

8.  Think and Grow Rich      

By Napoleon Hill

        This book was written as the blueprint to personal wealth and was done by analyzing the world’s richest and most successful men

Advanced Books

1.  Financial Reckoning Day

By Bill Bonner

        This recent book shows clearly how the United States is clear financial trouble which it’s unlikely to pull out of without broad and severe consequences and what you should do to protect yourself.

2.  Bull's Eye Investing

By John Maudlin

        This recent book makes the case that the U.S. will likely muddle along for the coming decade and why.

3.  Reminiscences of a Stock Operator   

By Edwin Lefevre

        The traders reference with timeless advice that was learned through decades of experience.

4.  Irrational Exuberance     

By Robert Shiller

        This recently updated text, written by a Yale professor, talks of bubbles and their consequences.  Latest chapter clearly predicted the current housing plunge.

5.  Fooled By Randomness       

By Nassim Taleb

        Fascinating book that describes the inherent flaws in humans that allow them to believe all manner of fallacies.

6.  Innumeracy:  Mathematical Illiteracy and its Consequence     By John Allen Paulos

        This book documents, with clear evidence, that the general populace is so math deficient that they fall for all manner of politician and sales falsehoods.

7.  Devil Take the Hindmost

By Edward Chancellor

        A classic look at risk and reward.

8.  Basic Economics       

By  Thomas Sowell

        This book, written by a professor, clearly spells out the true basics of economics and lies and misleading statements used by liberals and other politicians to make unfounded cases for all sorts of programs.

9.  The Little Book that Beats the Market   

By Joel Greenblatt

        The best book I’ve ever found on the merits of value investing and patience.

Miscellaneous Books
1.  When Genius Failed

By Roger Lowenstein

        Story of the “smartest guys in the room” losing billions of dollars make “sure thing” bets.

2.  Tulipmania:  The Story of the World's Most Coveted Flower By Mike Dash

        Great story of how a lone type of flower caused a country to go mad for a brief period of time.  This “bubble” was the first ever recorded and fits in very well with housing mania of a few years ago.

3.  Extraordinary Popular Delusions and Crowds

By Charles Mackay

        Written in 1800’s, this was the first catalog of manias and irrational behavior put to paper.  Still relevant today.

4.  Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes

By Gary Belsky

        An extremely interesting discussion of the psychology of investing and the mistakes even smart people make when it comes to investing.

5.  Against the Gods, Story of Risk     

By Peter Bernstein

        This classic book goes back into time to find the origins of markets and risk. 

6.  Twilight in the Desert    

By Matthew Simmons

        The best book about peak oil ever written.  After reading this book, you will understand by the days of cheap oil are over forever.

7.  Hedge Hogging      

By Barton Biggs

        Great incite into the world of hedge funds, investing pools only available to the rich, and how they can move markets and effect everyday people.

8.  AARP Crash course on Estate Planning  

By Michael Palermo

        Very informative primer on estate planning and what you need to prepare and protect your family and heirs.