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It's Not Red Versus Blue, It's Them Versus You
This article is an attempt to convince you that until the major parties are replaced, there is NO chance for this country.  This is not because I'm highly political, but because I have looked at the way the two parties conduct business and concluded that the current system, as it is configured, is broken.  As I've said before, I'm not a Republican or Democrat, and although I did used to vote Republican, I have ZERO faith in both parties.  The current system is totally rigged to favor both parties.  
I will NEVER vote for a Republican or Democrat again.  It's that simple.  Sure they aren't exactly alike and they do some things differently, but in the final analysis, in the true way things matter, they are the same.  What are the ways that matter?  There are four main areas:
1.  Trade
2.  Immigration
3. Citizens Rights
4.  Monetary Policy
In this area there are more politicians on the right side of the issue, but they always lose the vote.  Are the "good" guys here just voting against the grain for show, knowing full well that the legislation will pass?  We may never know.  What we do know is that every major corporate favoring trade bill ALWAYS passes.  That's really all that the powers that be (PTB) care about.  The margin of victory is irrelevant.  From GATT to NAFTA, the policy is always for corporations and what they desire.  All of the main television networks are now owned by corporations which has led to neutoring of the news media over time in regards to any of these four areas.  Did you know that the Bilderbergers group met for their yearly meeting in Chantilly, Virginia in 2008?  Did you know there was ZERO media coverage save a few "wackjob" internet sites.  I wonder why that wasn't covered.  One would think that a meeting with the richest people in the world would draw some interest.  Strange.
Not really.  The media isn't ALLOWED to cover this.  It is verboten.  When you are the richest guys in the world YOU call the shots.  You want no coverage, that's what you get.  The PTB want an open trade policy where they can exploit the cheapest labor in the world.  That's all they care about and the two major parties, with only a couple exceptions, can't really do (or say) a thing about it.  Free trade is not about open trade it's about corporate profits.
Ever wonder why we just don't lock down the borders.  Bush said it was a problem.  Obama acknowledged it as a problem and yet they continue to stream over the borders.  Why?  First, can we agree that the strongest nation in the world has the capability of shutting down a strip of land?  Good.  So if we have the capability of doing something, why isn't it done?  This is simple.  Because they don't want to.  It's that simple really.  
The main reason is that we NEED the immigrants to keep our workforce growing and to add to the tax base.  They usually don't pay income taxes but they pay most of the others and they do the hard labor.  The average family today only has 3.14 people.  We are not even replacing our older poplulation as they die.  The fiscal state of the U.S. means that we can't afford to not have these new illegals paying taxes.  That is why Obama wants to make them legal and why Bush let them in.  Remember he was the Texas governor so he was very well aware of how to stop the inflow.  Don't think his cooperation in keeping the borders open didn't have anything to do with him being elected.
Citizen's Rights
Our rights are continuously being taken away, piece by piece.  This is because the PTB don't like that this country was truly free.  We were the ONLY country EVER to have complete sovereignty without royalty rule. The PTB and their offspring are taught they are better than others.  The "commoners" work for them and do their bidding.  Can't have them toting around all those guns.  The PTB work over decades and centuries not months or years.  They are concerned with bloodlines, not present conditions.  They must destroy the United States as it was designed.   They are making great progress. 
This is being done through Congress continuously passing laws that encroach and reduce our rights.  This is done in a slow, sometimes glacial way.  Remember no smoking started on planes and now it illegal in many places.  In Ontario, Canada it is now illegal to smoke in your own semi-truck because that is your OFFICE.

"Trucker fined for workplace smoking after lighting up in rig


A discarded cigarette pack lies in an ashtray outside an office tower in downtown Toronto February 19, 2007. REUTERS

Ontario driver hit with $305 fine for smoking in his truck because it's considered his place of work."
Having ANY gun is legal according to the constitution.  Can you have any gun?   No, there are guns that are BAD.  Bad gun.  Sit. Stay.  What does it matter if a guy has a machine gun?  The founders wanted to make sure that the people were armed in case what?  In case the government got out of hand and needed changed.  That is why they were so clear in stating there shall be NO law abridging the right of gun ownership.  How has that worked out?  Today, we have thousands of gun laws.  That's a threat to the PTB, not to the safety of a neighborhood. 
Notice the Republicans, in the main, are for most of the current gun laws.  This is no accident.  Money does the talking here. 
How about taxes?  The idea that a government can take a piece of your pay check even BEFORE you get it is ludicrous.  That's YOUR money.  Earned with your labor.  Why do they get ANY of it?  Isn't that a quid pro quo?  One thing for another.  My labor for the pay check.  That's an EVEN trade.  Why is it taxable?  Because the PTBs want paid first and they run things, that's why.
Monetary Policy
This is the crux of the matter when talking about the nondifference between the two parties.  This didn't used to be the way, Republicans were once somewhat more fiscally prudent, but that is no more.  Bush spent like crazy and increased the debt by about $5 trillion.  Way more than anyone before and now it was announced that Obama's first year has a debt of $1.4 trillion.  This is unsustainable.  Both parties are spenders. 
Both parties support the Federal Reserve.  Not only do they support them, they act like they are doing a good job.  Does this look like a good job?
Not so much.  Remember the Fed's main job is to protect the dollar.  I'd say that's an F and yet politicians sing the praises of Bernanke and Greenspan.  Why might that be?  Republicans are NO different from Democrats in the most important aspects.  As long as you play their game of either/or you will keep getting the same result.  The choice between the two kind of reminds me of the little kids steering wheel.  This kid has as much control of the car
as you do when pulling the ballot for Republican or Democrat......NONE!  It's all a mirage.  Make you think that the choice between the two is important while it is irrelevant.  How many times have you heard a politician say, "This may be the most important election in the history of the country?"  They think if they say something enough that it will be believed.  The truth is the exact opposite.  IRRELEVANT!  Stop voting for the status quo.  Changing things up is the only way to make things better.  "You're just wasting your vote." is what you'll hear.  Guess where that line came from?  Hmmmmmmmm.....let me think.....the Democrats and Republicans?  Yes, they have constructed a grand scheme to make you think that your vote matters, but it doesn't, and hasn't for quite some time.
These clowns (no offense to clowns) have been diverting money, stealing money, losing money,  wait.....losing money, what money has been lost?
 $2.3 trillion unaccounted for?  Unaccounted for?  What doesn that mean?  That's a lot of unaccounted for.  Let's think about this logically.  Is it even POSSIBLE to lose that much money without knowing anything about it?  Very, very doubtful.  This money was stolen.  It was announced the day before 9/11.  Not sure what that means, but it did give a lot of cover to the issue.  Oh, by the way, the Defense Department lost another $1.1 trillion the next year.  $3.4 trillion just gone.  Where is it and why doesn't anyone seem to care.  Because it was stolen, that's why.  Stolen by the people running things, and that's the problem because Democrats NOR Republicans will do anything about it.