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Finding an Edge

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A Good Place to Start
The following links will help you get your feet wet in learning the background of my viewpoint on finances and the topics (politics, courts, elite power structure) that go towards shaping the way the world works. 
1.  My basic rules of trading.  These are the guidelines I use when making my investment decisions.   
2.  Here is information on the REAL way the stock market works.  (hint: it's not there to make you rich)
3.   The Myth of Buy and Hold  is a simple explanation about the ultimate Wall Street con job.
 4.   Derivatives 101 is a brief explanation of "weapons of financial mass destruction".  
            Here is a compilation of reasons to own gold.  Click here.
        Here is a write up all about the advantages of owning silver.

Mexus Gold U.S.
         Read about my speculative investment pick that could be a big winner.  Click here.
Things that are good to know
1.  Inflation is a basic description of this most evil of inventions now sold as "normal".
3.  Did You Know is a listing of facts and tidbits that most people have no idea about.  This knowledge can give you an edge when looking at stocks, politicians, and government.
4.  Maynard Keynes is the creator of the way our current monetary system is run.  Was he a whack job?  Read here.
5.  Our banking system is actually a complete fraud and ponzi scheme.  Don't believe it?  Read this.
6.  The art of the deal.  Strategies you can use to get the best price on anything. 
7.  My write up of why I don't vote for Republicans or Democrats.
8.  The planet is a finite thing and a lot of the resources will not last at current rates of consumption.  Check it out
9.  Here is a compilation of things I've written on the housing market and it's outlook.
10.   This post delves into the possible future of our retirement accounts.