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My Portfolio
Just so you know where my priorities and possible biases are, here are the assets I own (not counting real estate or personal property):
Silver Wheaton (SLW)                                      
Mexus Gold (MXSG)  largest current holding
Treasuries   (inside a 401k)                                          
Tocqueville Gold Fund                                                   
Physical Silver                                                                    
Physical Gold                                                                     

                                                               Last Updated 9/16/2012
As you can see I am highly concentrated in very few stocks.  I don't recommend this for everyone as the risk is very great.  There is an old saying that says not to put all your eggs in one basket.  I subscribe to Warren Buffet's philosophy that diversification is for the ignorant.  Get involved and study your investments.  My philosophy (borrowed again from Buffet) is to put all of your money into a few baskets and then watch the baskets VERY carefully. 
This is not recommended for beginners.  Please call or email for help with a plan that suits your situation.  A safer breakdown would be 25% Tbills, 25% TGLDX, 25% gold 25% silver.