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June 12, 2010

Issue 100  -  Blog and Podcast Rundown

I thought I'd take a little different approach this week since there wasn't a whole lot new happening.  I think it's a good idea to look at what a wide range of people are thinking and doing to determine if your approach is valid.  I'm going to briefly summarize what a pretty wide variety of podcasts and blogs are currently doing/advising.  This may provide insights.  It will also give you an idea of the type of things I'm monitoring.  These sources are also free.  Each page can be accessed by clicking on the title which is hyperlinked.
This is a weekly 60 minute podcast (done Mondays after the close) which is pretty much a one man show.  He has a broad background in all aspects of business.  He owned an internet company and sold before the crash.  He is also a harsh critic of congress and the TARP bailout.
Currently he is very cautious of the market and thinks deflation is our next path to follow.  This is due to the large amounts of credit which are being destroyed.  This is happening faster than new money is being created.  He doesn't think hyperinflation is likely and is not gold friendly.  His reasoning is logical, but I think his ego (which is large) gets in his way at times.  That being said, this is first blog I listen to every week.  Smart guy. 
Jim does a weekly podcast and has the distinction of being the longest show.  Sometimes he does over 4 hours.  Jim used to be my favorite but he seems to have went through a change.  He sticks up for the money interests of Wall Street more than he used to.  He still rips politicians but I have been less interested in his show than in the past.  His show has at least 4-5 guests a week and is well worth the listen.
His recent take is a stock market rally is imminent and that gold and silver will also go up.  He also thinks that we will enter a double dip recession.
3.  Goldseek Radio  Chris Waltzek is a great web site for articles on the precious metals.  Chris is a fairly young guy who is very smart.  He does tend to jump around a little too much and has drifted into some wacky topics.  He works for Goldseek and will not say negative things about their recommendations.  Peter Spina owns the site and has a gold newsletter.  GORO is one of his holdings and there are frequent ads on the site for GORO. 
Chris is a trend follower and has developed a mechanical trading system which he claims is 80-90% accurate.  He attempted to sell the system to a hedge fund but they declined.  Chris expects gold and silver to work higher this year and through at least 2015.  He is also a big proponent of dividend paying stocks.  He offers three free stock picks a week.  He expects the housing market to continue it's downward slide which will drag the economy lower. 
4.  Sound Investing  Paul Merriman
Paul is a fee investment advisor on the west coast.  He hates actively managed mutual funds and is big into diversification.  He offers his model portfolio for free on his web site.  I think his portfolio will keep most people out of trouble although he HATES gold to the point of being silly.  Not sure why but it is his only big negative in my book.
Since he keeps a set portfolio and doesn't think you can anticipate the future, he doesn't make his thoughts known about the future.  His podcast is variable in length and he has several a week and they usually range from 5 to 15 minutes.
5.  Investoradio  Don McDonald
Don used to work with Merriman and now has his own podcast.  It is a weekly show that is formatted for radio and is always about 43 minutes.  He is also a fee investment advisor and doesn't think the future is knowable.  He makes fun of gold like Merriman and is a little belittling of the financial industry as a whole. 
He will occasionally talk about the future and currently thinks things are getting better, kind of towing the standard CNBC line.  I mostly listen to this for his ETF/mutual fund discussions.
6.  The Money Guy   Brian Preston
Brian is a young investment advisor out of Atlanta and his show is very light and noncontroversial.  He is very right wing but stays clear of politics.  He has a side kick right out of college who actually is very bright.  They usually have a main topic like taxes or budgeting.  He is a very good researcher.  He is very frugal and shares many ways to save money.  He goes along with the republican game plan.
Currently he thinks the market is going to come back, but he doesn't advise timing.  He is into dollar cost averaging.  This show is useful about 50% of the time to me.
7.  King World News  Eric King
Eric is a private investor that used to be a guest and a fill in host at times, on Financial Sense.  He was encouraged to start his own podcast by Puplava.  He currently posts several interviews a week with some pretty impressive guests.  Eric is very smart and I usually agree with him 95% of the time.  His topics are generally related to the stock market or precious metals.  He tends to sensationalize a little too much.  He did find the guy who blew the whistle on JPMorgan's silver manipulation scheme.
Currently, he is very bullish on gold and silver and thinks the stock market is at risk of a large drop.  He advises buying gold, silver, and junior precious metal stocks.  He always buys large pull backs and rarely into strength.  He also maintains that the markets are rigged to the benefit of the government and large banks.
Zerohedge is my favorite blog.  It is written by an unknown person with very high level contacts.  He posts using the pseudonym Tyler Durden, the Brad Pitt character from the movie Fight Club.  He seems to find a large variety of information which add credence to the government controlled market theory.  He posts numerous times a day which makes me think it is more than one person.
They generally don't make investment recommendations, but they are bullish on the metals and commodities because of the government corruption and overspending.
2.  JSMineset  James Sinclair
Jim has a blog which employs a team of writers who post fairly regularly throughout the day.  He focuses on the gold market. He has been a gold bull since at least 2000.  He usually has a link for a story and a brief analysis of it.  This is similar to my style. 
He has a target of $1650 for gold and has stuck with that since 2000.  Currently he thinks the general stock market is overpriced.
3.  Credit Bubble Bulletin  Doug Noland
Doug Noland writes a weekly article on credit.  He publishes it free for the Prudent Bear Mutual Fund.  He is an Austrian economist that believes that the credit bubble that has been formed by the Federal Reserve is destined to end in chaos.  His articles run down various areas of debt including housing, commercial, foreign, and the Federal Reserve's actions.
He, as usual, believes the stock market is posed for a fall and that the whole debt ball will eventually implode. He also loves the precious metals.  Currently he believes that higher interest rates are a real potential which would kill the state and local governments budgets.  This would lead to Federal government bailouts.
4.  Pacific Euro Capital  Peter Schiff
Peter Schiff is a financial manager and is often seen on television.  His articles are Austrian based and he is very critical of the Federal Reserve.  He has written several best selling books about finance.  He is also running for the U.S. Senate as a republican.
Currently he expects the United States to have a falling standard of living as the credit bubble collapses and the government is forced to inflate.  This will lead to the stock market imploding and he recommends having a good portion of your net worth in foreign stocks and gold. 
The consensus I get from the totality is blurred.  This is actually good as I want to expose myself to a variety of viewpoints so that I don't become complacent.  Remember, the key to long term investing success is flexibility.  Rigidity in views will usually lead you astray.  I still see an eventual stock market swoon and an increased chance of high inflation.  This will lead to gold and silver taking off higher.  The nice thing about precious metals is that they will also do well in a deflation.
Next week I return to my normal format and commentary.  I'll close this week with a video of the most incredible ant colony you've ever seen.  Have a great week!