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November 27, 2011
Issue 175  -  A Broad Brush of
Deception and Misdirection
This week I want you to read what I write very carefully as I'm taking on a different topic this week and it won't even mention gold. (horrors!)  Many (most?) of you may disagree with what I'm writing but I'll try and build a case that makes my position strong.  Remember, flexibility in thinking is a skill that is often lost as one gets older.  Open your mind.  But first, I want you take off your ideological hats.  Put your republican or democratic biases aside.  This is not an easy thing to wrap your head around due to years of indoctrination and conditioning. 
Occupy Wall Street.  What do you think of when you hear that?  Probably overwhelmingly negative thoughts.  Why is that?  Have you talked to someone in the movement?  Can you tell me what they want or are mad about?  I'll bet the answers are all no.  In fact, I'll bet if you think you know what they are about, you are wrong.  This is by plan.  The occupy movement is obviously a rag tag hodge podge of people, but they are universal in their outrage over the raping of our country by the banks and politicians.  But wait, aren't these guys all dirty and out of work?  Don't they "need a bath," as Newt Gingrich has accused? 
In a group of significant size you will find all types of people, including those who need a bath and commit crimes.  This doesn't immediately negate the whole thing?  You wouldn't stop contributing to your favorite charity because one of their low ranked employees killed someone, would you?  The idea is to paint the movement with a broad brush so that you ignore their message.  Make them out to be lazy, dirty, diseased, or stupid.  All of these have been trumpeted over the airwaves.  This is to get you to ignore them because if you really knew what they were protesting, you might be interested.  You must be dissuaded from watching or hearing the speeches.  Notice you NEVER hear any of the speeches from the rallies.  You will hear an interview with a kook in the audience.  Someone who looks like a love child from the 60's spouting what appears to be rambling noncohesive complaints.   It would be like covering an Obama speech, but instead of showing him, interviewing a nut job in the audience. 
To learn what the movement is really about, please check out this video of Professor Black.  I know it's 15 minutes, but at least you will know what the movement is about and then can decide for yourself whether it has any merit:  (he was also a bank regulator during the savings and loan crisis)
You've never heard any of that on television regarding the OWS movement huh?  That's on purpose.  Because if you did, and I hope you have listened, you would be pissed.  Rightly so.  These skunks are robbing us blind.  They now control everything.  To be objective, the OWS has some tactics that aren't legal.  You have no right to block access to someone's business.  That is hurting them by lowering their sales.  That is an infringement on their rights.  You don't have a right to infringe on others rights.  On the other hand, you don't need a permit to exercise YOUR rights to protest and state your opinion.  The idea that you need to go to the government for permission to exercise a right, shows those getting the permit have no idea what a right is. 
A right is inalienable and can not be taken away.  It can only be surrendered by each person.  Go and get a permit for a protest, you've surrendered your first amendment right in that instance.  You can regain it back instantly, but in that instance, it is gone.  
Why do you think the smart phone was invented?  Do you think it was to improve your life?  Help you with work?  No, the real reason is to distract you.   The longer you spend on the phone texting and surfing etc....the less time to pay attention to the things that matter.  If you have a child over 12, you know how obsessed they are with their phones.  It's almost a 3rd arm.  The upcoming generation will be so attached to these devices that they won't be able to think or function without them.  And that's the plan!  If you don't know anything except what's happening on twitter, you are uneducated about the real issues and easier to fool.  You will vote for someone like one of the current crop of "candidates,"or Obama, and you will be disappointed.  That's how the game is set up now.  The elites own you. 
Here is Aaron Russo describing a conversation he had with elite king pin David Rockefeller:
So women't lib was designed to double the tax base and have the government take over as a nanny?  Hmmmmm....and you think that the elites don't control the markets?   Haha.  Good one.  We are constantly indoctrinated and "made" to have certain viewpoints. 
Let's take one of the biggest.  "The United States is the greatest country in the world."  Is that true?  How do you know?  I bet if you asked Americans which country was the greatest, a huge majority would say the U.S.  How do they know?  Considering that at most 20% of Americans have even been out of the country, on what basis is this judgment made?  Now don't get me wrong, the U.S. is better than most countries, but there are countries that offer similar benefits and yet are not even considered by most Americans. 
Just a few examples to make the point.   First, try and guess where the U.S. ranks in life expectancy among all countries.  The top 10?  Top 20?  How about 50th!  I don't know about you, but I view life expectancy as a pretty important measure of a country's attributes.  After all, if you're dead it doesn't really matter about the other qualities of the country does it?  How about infant mortality?  We rank 46th out of 222 listed locales.  That's not a bad ranking but hardly anywhere near the "best."
How about the "land of the free."  First, what constitutes free?  Are you free if you can't do the following without permission:
1.  Drive a car.
2.  Build a deck on your house.
3.  Leave the country.
4.  Buy a gun.
5.  Start a business.
6.  Put a trailer on your vehicle.
7.  Get on a plane.
8.  Get married.
9.  Get a divorce. 
10.  Pitch a tent in a national (i.e. yours) park.
That list doesn't exactly scream free to me.  Here's Judge Andrew Napolitano with some additional thoughts:
This country used to be free, but no longer.  We have become controlled chattel, blindly nodding to any and all government encroachments.  We don't think for ourselves anymore and anyone that is trying to point out issues is branded a "malcontent" or "needing a bath."  The truth is that this country was founded on the rule of law and the rule of law is all about property rights.  Without that, you have nothing.  Unfortunately, we are a long way towards a time when ALL our rights have been surrendered in the name of "safety" or "public good."  Before you blindly criticize those who are protesting, at least research what they are saying (not what the main stream media portrays them as saying) and make up your own mind.  The first amendment is there to protect unpopular speech because you don't need protect.  Don't let the elites make up your mind for you.  A closed mind is the playground of the puppet masters.  Don't be a puppet!
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This is one of those videos that makes you smile no matter how old or young you are.  Here's a guy trying to get his granny to say "Grannies are for pwning noobs."  Pwning is slang for completely dominating or beating. For instance, "I was pwning him in chess, I checkmated him in 10 moves." Noob is a word describing someone who is new to something but thinks they already know everything. Noobs are completely annoying.  Have a great week!