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Favorite Videos
Take a drive with President Obama on a debt road trip:
Two chapters from Chris Martenson's Crash Course.  The first on "What is a trillion?".  The second is about debt in general for the United States.
Classic inflation video made by the U.S. government to convince people that inflation is "good".  Total baloney.
This Bloomberg produced half hour special title "Phantom Shares" is a great start for understanding naked short selling.  This is the ilegal activity that certain well connected hedge funds sell shares in stock that they don't have and never intend to have.  The purpose is to drive the stock into bankruptcy.  This activity, which is now connected to the Russian mafia, could conceivably bring the whole system down. 
Getting out of debt is THE best advice I can give anyone for financial freedom.  This Steve Martin Saturday Night Live Skit is right on the money.