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The following is a list of sites that I regularly visit. I believe you need to get information from a wide variety of sources to keep your perspective fresh. I have divided the sites into free and subscription.

Free Sites:

Blog and interviews with big names in the financial world.
This is a guy who worked on Wall Street and even wrote trading software.  Weekly videos are usually great. 
This is a site written by an anonymous writer who has VERY good connections to the Wall Street.  Must read.
This is a very good site I recently found.  It's run by a guy named George Ure.  He has a very nice daily blog with lots of information.  Updates at about 9:00 a.m. every weekday.
This is a site run by Karl Denninger.  Lots of good material updated daily.  
Gold Seek
This is a good site for all information related to precious metals. They also have a two-hour broadcast, which can be streamed or downloaded. I listen every week.

The Daily Reckoning

This site gives daily market commentary with a unique perspective. The author is an U.S. citizen who now lives in France. His views give a nice contrast to pure USA centric writers.


This site has free quotes for all precious and semiprecious metals.

Yahoo Finance

I use this site for stock quotes and for portfolio tracking. Your positions can easily be entered for multiple accounts and Yahoo updates their value.

Financial Sense

A great free site with tons of detailed articles and analysis. They also have my favorite Internet broadcast. This is a weekly broadcast, which is at least 4 hours with no commercials. This is truly a gem that if listened to for 6 months will have you much better informed as an investor.


A site run by long time guru Jim Sinclair, this site has links a commentary about the impending financial turmoil.

Prudent Bear

The best site for the bear case. Has constantly updated links to news stories which are pertinent to market movements. The best part of this site is Doug Noland’s weekly column about the credit bubble. While difficult to follow for the beginner, it has great analysis of great credit bubble, which is now deflating.


This is a great site for tracking the current value of your property. Just enter you address and a value comes up for every house on you street. A graph can be accessed to see the past ups and downs of the value.

Deep Capture

As a warning, this is not a site to just jump into and understand. This is a whistle blower site, which details the incredible story of naked short selling. If you want to delve in here I would recommend you start watching this.

Pay Sites:

This is the only site I pay for:


This site, the Gold antitrust action committee, is a daily commentary of the action in the precious metals market. Lots of unique content that I find invaluable. $199 a year. Two-week free subscription also offered. Once logged in, the daily commentary is located on the Midas table in the right hand column.