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Did you know? 

  • 1. The Government reported numbers for such things as the consumer price index and jobs lost or gained each month are “adjusted” to make them look better.  These is called hedonic or seasonal adjustments 
  • 2.  The Government has a group of people who can intervene (i.e. buy stocks or bonds) in the markets anytime they want without informing anyone. (except maybe their buddies on Wall Street)
  • 3.  The Federal Reserve is a private corporation owned by large banks (some foreign) and is no more a part of the Government then Federal Express.
  • 4.  That news outlets such as CNBC and the Wall Street Journal have a vested interest in not reporting negative market news which could drive the market down (and their ratings/readership), so they emphasize positive news while ignoring or glossing over negative news.
  • 5.  The gold in Fort Knox hasn’t been audited by an outside source since the 1950’s.
  • 6.  Calculating inflation using the same formula used in the 1980’s yields an inflation rate much higher than the official number.
  • 7.  Silver is actually more rare than gold even though it appears 10 times more often in the ground.  This is due to silver being used in such small quantities that they are uneconomical to recover at current prices.  Most of the gold is just accumulated and stored. 
  • 8.  The housing market will slug along at a very poor pace until excess capacity is burned through.  If hyperinflation were to take over, this would change.
  • 9.  Inflation is not a rise in prices but rather a rise in the money supply and credit available which leads to prices rising.
  • 10.  The Federal Reserve stopped reporting M3, the broadest measure of money supply, due to it being too “expensive”.  Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve prints the money.  
  • 11.  Gold and silver have been money for over 5000 straight years, while fiat (paper) money always reverts to it’s intrinsic value (zero).
  • 12.  The official inflation rate is kept lower by using hedonic adjustments whereby the price of an item is lowered because it is now “better”.  Computers were the first items this was applied to as they got faster.  The Government argued that because the computer was more powerful the price should be lowered in calculating inflation. (Even though you couldn’t buy a computer for the lower price being used.)
  • 13.  Hedonic adjustments are now being made for automobile suspensions, DVDs, washer/dryers, refrigerators, and even college text books.  (you can’t make this up.)
  • 14.  Many banks are holding their foreclosures off the market waiting for a rebound.  This assures that any rebound in price will be short lived as a new glut of inventory hits the market.  (This doesn’t even include the added inventory from those home owners who are also waiting for a rebound)
  • 15.  World oil production peaked in 2005.  It is quite likely that the world will never produce more oil per day.  This means gas prices will only head higher as India and China attempt to match our life styles. (which means more oil product consumption)
  • 16.  Financial advisors that sell products are never working for the buyer, only the seller.  That means the products could very well be inappropriate for the buyer.
  • 17.  Term life insurance is really the only necessary life insurance sold.  Others such as whole life or variable life annuities only provide large commissions to the sellers.  (Some of these products take as much as 10% and hand it over the to the selling agent leaving you 10 % in the hole, right off the bat)
  • 18.  Our national debt is approaching 9.5 trillion dollars.  (that looks like this: $14,000,000,000,000, to get an idea of how large that is, if I gave you 1 million dollars every minute, 24 hours a day, it would take over 20 years to give you that amount)  If one adds in social security liabilities, medicare liabilities, and other “off balance sheet” items the debt is well over 100 trillion dollars.  That translates to over $350,000 for every man, woman, and child in the U.S or $1,400,000 for a family of 4.  The United States is technically bankrupt.
  • 19.  FDR ORDERED all U.S citizens to turn their gold into the government on April 3, 1933, even though gold and silver are the ONLY money defined in the Constitution.  (An IRS agent had to be present when anyone opened their safety deposit boxes)
  • 20.  More people can name the last American Idol than can recall how many amendments there are to the Constitution.  (? and 27)
  • 21.  That the District of Columbia isn’t even a part of the United States.  It’s actually a separate corporation set up to house the Government.
  • 22.  Stocks are down in value for the last 12 years when adjusted for inflation
  • 23.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac now hold over 70% of all mortgages in the United States while they were originally started in the 1930’s (hmmmm…. Gold was confiscated then too) to help lower income people buy houses.
  • 24.  The U.S. debt level as compared to the Gross National Product is now higher than it’s last peak in 1929.


  • 25.  It took the U.S. nearly 200 years to reach $1,000,000,000,000 in debt. We are now adding that much every 6 or 7 months!


  • 26.  47% of  working Americans have less than $10,000 accumulated for retirment.